BlocPal empowers you to securely deposit, store, send, and spend your favorite cryptocurrencies with the benefit of BlocPal’s blockchain.


BlocPal’s blockchain technology creates a secure, guaranteed and instantaneous payments platform for merchants to confidently process crypto transactions from your customers.

Why BlocPal?

BlocPal is a platform for the future of payment processing

In a fast-paced digital world riddled with fraud, hackers and high fees, BlocPal is here to bring transparency and peace of mind to your pockets. We do this by running all transactions on the BlocPal chain, meaning secure, instantaneous settlements and real-time public transparency with top cryptocurrencies.

For Consumers BlocPal

Are you still paying high fees to “belong” to a Bank? Join BlocPal and discover a smarter way to pay with crypto.

How It Works

  • Download the BlocPal mobile wallet to your iOS or Android device
  • Load BTC/other crypto to your secure BlocPal address on BlocPal’s chain
  • Spend your crypto funds at any participating BlocPal merchant


Secure BlocPal Wallet

Safely deposit, store, spend and send your BTC, BCH, ETH & LTC around the world with BlocPal’s highly secure encrypted wallet

Lower Fees

Micropayments and transfers between BlocPal users made easy and affordable! No fees for payments to Merchants!

Easy QR Code Scanner

Simply scan your wallet’s QR code at the merchant’s terminal to complete purchase and have a receive emailed to you automatically.

Complete Chain Transparency

All transactions on the BlocPal chain will be transparent and visible to the public

Conveniently Withdraw Crypto in Fiat

Convert your crypto to local currency and transfer to your bank

Transfer Crypto To Others

Instantly send crypto to your friend’s BlocPal account with lower fees than native blockchain.

Royalty Rewards

BlocPal will air drop BPX coins quarterly to your BlocPal address simply for holding the coin. Earn BPX coins with each transaction.

Deposit Crypto

Safely store your crypto assets in our highly secure encrypted wallet to leverage them for instant and on-demand payments.

Only You Can Access Your Funds

Securely store your private keys with your own encrypted security passphrase which no one else can use or reset, not even us.

For Merchants BlocPal

Rewards Program

As a merchant on our platform, you are encouraged to enroll your customers into the BlocPal program to continue driving the ecosystem. BlocPal will pay you, the merchant, 15% of net revenue for each enrolled customer’s network-wide transactions in perpetuity.

Instant Crypto Payments

We understand how critical the exchange of money is to your success. That’s why we enable you to accept multiple cryptocurrencies through seamless, secure and instantaneous transactions, allowing you to stay ahead of market trends and do what you do best.


Instant authorization of crypto

Our platform allows you to confidently release your product instantly

Easy account setup

Sign up and create your Merchant account within minutes

Merchant reward program

Receive 15% of transaction fees in perpetuity for users you sign up to BlocPal

Guaranteed settlements

All BlocPal transactions guaranteed to be recorded on BlocPal’s public blockchain ledger

BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH accepted

BlocPal’s blockchain has been created to support multiple cryptocurrencies

Consumer loyalty program

Your customers receive BPX coins for each transaction they make

No chargebacks

Crypto transactions are not based on credit, so no fraud or chargebacks

More cryptocurrencies added

BlocPal will continue to add the more popular cryptocurrencies requested by our users

Developer APIs

Easy API integration and plug-ins with popular ecommerce software

Lower fees

Pricing more competitive than Bitcoin blockchain and Credit/Debit cards

Withdraw to fiat currency

Convert your cryptos to Fiat and we’ll send wire transfer your bank account

Point of sale & ecommerce

Integrate the BlocPal solution to work within your physical or online stores

What is BPX Token

BPX coin is a securities token adhering to Canadian Securities Laws and the US SEC Regulations. The technology is based on the Bitcoin source code base with our modifications in order to make it easy for miners, exchanges, and wallets to add and support our blockchain and coin.

Max Supply

1,111,111,111 BPX


Yes, we offer both POW and POS mining solutions

Accepted Currencies


Retail Rate

1000 BPX = .0055 BTC

Soft Cap

$5 million CAD

Hard Cap

$15 million CAD

of Tokens

BlocPal Distribution of tokens

Use of
Initial Proceeds

Powered by a Team TEAM

The BlocPal Team combines industry expertise & proven record in payment processing, compliance, proprietary technology, and software encryption. Our back office has processed over $25B in transactions.


Nick Mellios
Chief Executive Officer
Randy Du
Lead Crypto Engineer
Mike Moen
Executive VP, Finance
Blair Lowther
VP, Corporate Development


Nov 2017

  • Seed Round
  • $1M CAD Raised


  • Marketing Plan
  • Business/Corporate Development Plan
  • Software Development

July 2018

  • Release Merchant Program

Aug 2018

  • Platform Live
  • Mineable Coin
  • Raise $5M CAD
  • Trade BPX as Qualified Investor

Q4 2018

  • Initial Public Offering
  • Marketing Campaign
  • New Features

Q1 2019

  • STO Prospectus
  • Complete $10M CAD

Frequently asked questions FAQS

Below we’ve provided a bit on BlocPal, BlocPal Token, cryptocurrencies, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

BlocPal is an all-in-one truly secure decentralized blockchain payment platform. The BlocPal solution is intended for both consumers and merchants to securely store, send and pay using your preferred popular crypto funds globally.

Not only can you store, spend and send BLOC from within the wallet, but as a token of appreciation (pun intended) to all BLOC holders, we will be paying out 33% of BlocPal’s net profits in royalties.

We currently have functionality for BTC, BCH, ETH and LTC

We are on track to have out platform live and operational for both consumers and merchants by early August 2018

Nope! Although there will be limitations on who can participate in the token sale, anyone globally will have access to use the wallet, for free!

Less than 1% on all transactions for purchases and transfers. Our solution provides more competitive transaction fees for micropayments to Merchants or transfers between friends.

Our headquarters is in Vancouver, BC, Canada

The pre-ICO will run from now through Q4 of 2018. The ICO will occur directly after BlocPal receives all of the proper regulatory approvals for functioning as a Security token.

Users can join the whitelist by signing up at the from below this page

There will be a max supply of 1,111,111,111 BLOC tokens with a reserved supply of 95,862,778 tokens for each of the pre-ICO and ICO rounds.

We are currently accepting BTC, BCH, ETH and LTC

Once the BLOC token sale is live, you will be able to purchase with accepted currencies on:

Yes, we take compliance extremely seriously. As a Security Token, we will legally only be allowed to accept qualified investors under the Accredited Investor Exemption program during the Pre-ICO. The token sale will be open to qualifying investors worldwide.

We will be required by law to have all users follow Global KYC Verification process through our wallet in order to withdraw funds into fiat currency. We will of course need this to enable bank to bank withdrawals.

Yes, POS & POW mining

There will be a max supply of 1,111,111,111 BLOC tokens with a reserved supply of 95,862,778 tokens for each of the pre-ICO and ICO rounds.

While typically excess coins in an ICO will be burned, in accordance with Securities laws, any excess BLOC tokens will remain in the company’s reserve fund.

We are proud to announce that BLOC is going to be filing compliantly as a Security Token.

To provide liquidity of funds for our BLOC holders, we will be raising additional financing for the token through the Summer and Fall of 2018 (as we complete the STO prospectus) at higher pricing. We do this to create liquidity for BLOC holders who want to sell by allocating a portion of the funds raised to buy back tokens for the company reserve. With the completion of the STO prospectus, tokens can be freely traded between BLOC holders based on satisfying the BC Securities Commission Transfer Agent requirements.

Contact BlocPal CONTACT

Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.